Rustic Bridal & Event Rentals Trend Report

Millennial couples want an experience; for both themselves and their guests. Today’s wedding ceremonies are taking many turns from the traditional.

For 2019, trends run the gamut from guest participant activities to palm leaf decor.  Couples don’t have to have a theme, but it makes wedding planning a little easier.  Popular themes include Floral, Bohemian, Woodland, Rustic and the list goes on.  Hybrid themes such as Rustic Glam are in vogue as well.  Accoutrements include vintage doors, rusty washtubs, sparkling chandelier crystals and so much more.

An experiential ceremony might include a creative photo backdrop, an outdoor lounge with a coffee bar or a “DIY” craft for guests to make and take.  Experiences also include fun eats, such as popcorn bars and icy cold self-serve beverages in vintage wash tubs.

 Couples who live in Central Pennsylvania have an area professional available to help achieve the wedding experience that will create a lifetime of memories. Rustic Bridal & Event Rentals at LaVintage Decor owner, LaVonne Falbo helps couples choose some props to enhance their special day, and the best part is, they don’t have to worry about what to do with it after the event!  Visit Rustic Bridal & Event Rentals at LaVintage Decor Facebook for details.

Photography by Susan Youshaw Cashner of SLY Photography, Vintage Dress from …mad lion gallery, Hair and Makeup by Ashley MacAleer of Studio 308, Macrame Backdrop by Forget Me Knots Macrame at LaVintage Decor, Flowers by Peterman’s Flower Shop, Jewelry by Tortuga Alley at LaVintage Decor, Easel, Seating Sign and Arbor from Rustic Bridal & Event Rentals at LaVintage Decor.

Vintage Washtubs and Met, Engaged, Became One Chalkboard from Rustic Bridal & Event Rentals at LaVintage Decor. Photography by SLY Photography.

Posted on October 26, 2018 .